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*NEW!* Personalize Your Website -JUST 1 USD -With MRR

Product picture *NEW!* Personalize Your Website -JUST 1 USD -With MRR

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Tired of getting poor results from your email campaigns? Then this might be the most important letter you read all year, because...
" Joe/Joyane, These Few Lines of Code, When Added To Your Website, Can Triple Your Sales...
"Harness the Power of One of the Oldest Psychological Triggers, To Boost The Response of ANY Website or Email Campaign...

From: Ayush Das,
Sub: RE: Triple Your Sales in 7 Minutes...

So do you personalize your emails - autorespinder emails, ezine and newsletter mails?

If not, you are loosing money

As you know Joe/Joyane , the most important part in a salesletter is the headline. Copywriting gurus claim that a headline can often make or break your salesletter.

Its important because 80 of the people read only the headline. They read that first and decide wether to continue or not

So if you have a strong headline that grabs peoples attention, you will get a good response.

Now, what if you could call out to the prospect by his name, right from the headline, and grab his attention right from the start? Wouldnt that grab him by the eyeballs and literally glue him to the page?

Dont you think that it would boost the readership and get more people to read your sales-message? This is probably the simplest and most guaranteed way of boosting your response by a significant and measurable amount.
There Was No Way of
Personalizing Your Website...

...until now. But now, you can just add a few lines of code to your website, and enjoy a better response by personalizing your website.

"How Does It Work...

With this software, you can personalize your website in two ways (unike some other personalization scripts). Here's how they work:

1st Method: Personalize Through Email

You can use this method to boost up the response from your email campaigns, if you have an ezine or newsletter or even an autoresponder series.

Suppose you are send an email to your list about your new book on 'How to Make a Million In a Year'. Normally you would just send them a link that looks like:

But now, you send them a 'personalized-link' which looks like this:

And when the visitor clicks on the link, he is taken to a page which is personalized with his name. A page that says, "Hi Joe, How are you doing today?" instead of "Dear Fellow Internet Marketers" or something like that...

How do you do this? Just put the 'personalization code' of your autoresponder or ezine manager at the end of the URL after a question mark.

Different autoresponders and scripts use different codes, like or or of whatever. Just put that at the end of the URL after a question mark.

So your url should look something like: (or)

OR (or)

Its Completely Error Safe Joe/Joyane ...

And the most important part is, it is completely error safe. Which means, if there's some problem with your autoresponder or ezine, and you get emails that read like:


The script will automatically detect it, and redirect the visitor to another non-personalized page. That way, it appears completely normal to them, and instead of making more sales, you don't end up loosing them...

2nd Method: Directly Ask The Visitor's Name on the Website

You can also add another piece of code to directly ask for the user's name on any webpage. Here's how that works...

When a visitor visits your website, he gets a prompt message, asking him his name. When he enters his name, it automatically gets personalized with his name.

Click Here to See An Example

Its only a few lines of code, but it can help you squeeze-out the maximum profits from your website and email campaigns.



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*NEW!* Personalize Your Website -JUST 1 USD -With MRR *NEW!* Personalize Your Website -JUST 1 USD -With MRR personalize your website;website 104277250 3.00 thebestdeals Fresh Download Available!